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● Photographs published on website/blog and social media pages CANNOT BE REPUBLISHED in any media in any form without PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION.

However, we are happy for a MAXIMUM OF 2 IMAGES ONLY
from an exhibition coverage to be re-posted by the
artist/gallery concerned on their website, blog, social media
page, free of charge, as long as they are clearly marked:

"photo(s) courtesy of"

● DO NOT REPOST more than the allowed number of photos (2) from an exhibition onto your website, blog, social media page, even with credit. Instead, we encourage artists and galleries
to supply a link to their exhibition coverage on Artsdiary.
This is good for artists, galleries and Artsdiary.

● Commercial use of Artsdiary photographs is not permitted,
as this would breach the artists' copyright.

● Photographs of artworks are presented on Artsdiary under
the "Fair Use" principle, i.e for the purposes of commentary,
reporting, archiving and scholarship.




● If you would like to have hi-res copies of one or more images from a show coverage please get in touch regarding cost and suitability from a technical point of view.

● Photographs on this site are produced specifically for web
use, using small, silent cameras to minimise disruption during
events, and the resulting image files are not always suitable
for high end print production.

● If you will definitely need hi-res images from an event,
contact us before the event date.




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