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Artsdiary presents Auckland's most comprehensive and up-to-date
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If you have paid for "BEEN THERE" coverage, your event will
automatically be listed on our "WHAT's ON" page with a link and thumbnail, at no extra cost.

If you haven't, we may still list your event,
but without a link or
thumbnail, and at our discretion.


"BEEN THERE" coverage:

(Available to galleries and individual artists)

The cost of coverage is dependent on factors such as location,
venue, number of artists, and the number and types of
artworks involved.

Costs include listing on the "What's On" page with a link &
thumbnail, and some support on social media.

For galleries who would like coverage of multiple shows, we offer custom-made plans.

Please contact us for a quote.

It takes an average of 5 hours per show for photos to be edited,
processed, and posted on Artsdiary and social media. Depending
on the number of exhibitions in any given week, this can mean
a delay of 5-8 days between the opening and posting, unless prior arrangement is made for earlier posting.

"BEEN THERE" coverage does not include permission to re-use
photos unless pre-arranged. However, we are happy for a
MAXIMUM OF 2 IMAGES ONLY from an exhibition coverage to
be re-posted by the artist/gallery concerned on their website,
blog or social media page, free of charge, as long as they are
clearly marked:

"photo(s) courtesy of"

If high-res images will be required, this must be arranged
in advance.

Please also read "USE OF ARTSDIARY PHOTOS".


"ALSO SEEN" coverage is free, but at our discretion.


Artsdiary does not receive public funding, and we rely on financial contributions from galleries and individuals to help defray our
operating costs.


We reserve the right to change any of the above arrangements
at any time.


Terms of Trade:

Payment within 7 days from invoice date.

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