Artsdiary began in November 2010 as a "What's On" in galleries list. At the beginning we had four pages dedicated to "Auckland", "Wellington", "North Island" and "South Island". From January 2011 we also introduced the "Been There" pages, which made Artsdiary into what it is today.

At the end of 2011, we stopped publishing "Wellington", North Island" and "South Island". Collating and updating the pages weekly consumed a whole day, and combined with the total lack of support
from galleries involved, made it a very easy decision to stop.

Meanwhile, "BEEN THERE", featuring my photographs, mainly from exhibition openings, has gone from strength to strength. This segment shows artworks in context, including visitors and their interaction with the works and each other. To date, I have visited
over 3800 exhibitions and posted photographs from most of them.
These photographs have developed into an invaluable archive, showing the rich diversity of the Auckland visual arts scene.

Artsdiary does not receive public funding, so we appreciate the
financial contributions from galleries and artists, which help
to defray our operating costs.

In October 2015, we started offering an "Artwork Photography Service". This has rapidly become very popular, mainly through
word of mouth.

I would like to acknowledge here the unrecognised, but invaluable contribution made by Judith in the background - she is a vital part of the running of this blog in a variety of ways.

In our day jobs, I have been a professional photographer since 1979, specialising in work for advertising agencies, and Judith is a stylist specialising in food. We live in Westmere with our cat Betty.


"AUCKLAND ARCHITECTURE - A Personal View" - our book



We provide information on Artsdiary pages with the best intentions, and take great care with accuracy. However, we cannot be held responsible for any loss of any kind to any person or organisation due to any information / factor related to Artsdiary. If you find
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