PLAN ONE provides inclusion on the WHAT's ON page
- $50 +gst for a single listing, or $300 +gst for a year.

We may also provide compact BEEN THERE coverage at our discretion.

PLAN TWO, provides for inclusion on the WHAT's ON page, and
5 full BEEN THERE exhibition coverages in a 12 month period.
Galleries can choose which shows they would like covered.
- $1000 +gst. Additional shows at $200 +gst.

Cost for a single event starts at $250 +gst. We are happy to quote.

(For fuller details see "IN DETAIL" below.)

Compact BEEN THERE coverage - SAMPLE

Full BEEN THERE coverage - SAMPLE


Our legacy PLAN A is no longer available, and current arrangements are being phased out as they mature.





We will list your event(s) up to 2 weeks before the starting date.
Within reason, we endeavour to share your social media event

Listing on WHAT's ON is a very cost effective way to publicise
your shows to a dedicated audience on the Artsdiary blog and its
social media pages.

In addition, your listing will help us track your shows for
possible coverage on our compact BEEN THERE pages.

Compact BEEN THERE coverage is FREE, but at our discretion.


Full BEEN THERE coverage is available to artists, groups and
galleries at the following rates:

● For one-off/single exhibition coverage, rates start at $250 +gst,
and depend on factors such as location and the number of artists
involved. Listing on WHAT'S ON is included.

● For galleries who would like a minimum of 5 shows covered in any
12 month period, a reduced rate of $200 +gst per exhibition applies,
payable in advance.

● Full BEEN THERE coverage is subject to availability.

● These plans don't include supplying hi-res image files unless
pre-arranged. Please also read "Use of Artsdiary photos".


We reserve the right to change any of the above arrangements at any time. TM

© 2018 Sait Akkirman


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