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HOW TO FEATURE on ARTSDIARY - updated 18/06/2017


"WHAT's ON" page:

+ We will list your event(s) up to 2 weeks before the starting date.
-- Your listing will include the following:
---- start date (including time of opening function, if there is one)
---- finishing date
---- venue
---- name of artist(s) exhibiting
---- title of show (if there is one)
---- hyperlink to your website, blog or Facebook event page.
---- an image, 180px high. We can reduce from any image file.

+ Within reason, we endeavour to share your social media
-- event notices.

"WHAT'S ON" page:

The cost of featuring on “What’s On” is $300 +gst for a year,
or $50 +gst for a one-off spot. Details are below.


"BEEN THERE" pages:

There will be changes to our “Been There” coverage from
01 November 2017, when most of of our PLAN A agreements end. Remaining agreements will be phased out as they mature. Details
of the changes will be announced in October.

Meanwhile, for individuals, and galleries not already on our PLAN A,
rates start at $250 +gst for one-off coverage in our classic
“Been There” style. Cost will depend on factors such as location
and the number of artists involved. Please ask for a quote.