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HOW TO FEATURE on ARTSDIARY - updated 24/06/2017

"WHAT's ON" details:

+ We will list your event(s) up to 2 weeks before the starting date.
-- Your listing will include the following:
---- start date (including time of opening function, if there is one)
---- finishing date
---- venue
---- name of artist(s) exhibiting
---- title of show (if there is one)
---- hyperlink to your website, blog or Facebook event page.
---- an image, 180px high. We can reduce from any image file.

+ Within reason, we endeavour to share your social media
-- event notices.


The cost of featuring on “What’s On” is $300 +gst for a year,
or $50 +gst for a one-off spot. Details at the bottom of this page.



There will be changes to our “Been There” coverage from September
2017, when most of of our PLAN A agreements end. Remaining agreements will be phased out as they mature.

Meanwhile, for individuals, and galleries not already on our PLAN A,
rates start at $250 +gst for one-off coverage in our classic
“Been There” style. Cost will depend on factors such as location of
the venue and the number of artists involved.

For galleries, pre-paid packages for coverage of multiple exhibitions
are available. Please ask for a quote.

Please note that coverage on "Been There" no longer includes free
inclusion on "What's On".


This section will be developed into a weekly feature and its focus will be on promoting works of artists that are not shown on "Been There".
It's content will consist of 2-3 images for each artist and will be
completely at our discretion.