The month of May has been quite a landmark for Artsdiary. We featured our
1000th exhibition coverage, and also had our best monthly traffic numbers -
4841 unique
visitors, 13,354 visits and 108,386 page views. 15% of our viewers
came from overseas.

We're always trying to find new ways to improve your Artsdiary experience, and
with this in mind, trialled "Exhibition Notes" for a month. We found that page
views of the notes were less than
5% for any given show, so this feature has
been discontinued

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10 June 2013

I'm often asked "What camera do you use ?", so I thought you might be interested to know how my photos end up on the "Been There" pages.

Since 2011, I have used several different "point & shoot" cameras - haven't found the perfect one yet, but the main features I look for are fast focus, plenty of manual controls,
and the ability to shoot Raw files. Being small & quiet also
helps - both me and the camera.

Depending on the content and number of exhibitions on
the night, I spend 15 to 45 minutes at each location, but most of the work is done afterwards, on the computer.

Somewhere between 30 and 200 photos per exhibition have
to be sorted, catalogued, edited, and post-processed.
Post-processing involves correcting exposure, colour, perspective, cropping and sizing for
each shot. Then the
photos, with captions, are posted on "Been There" - the whole process taking 2 to 4 hours per exhibition. I usually attend 12-14 exhibitions per week.

I hope this gives you some idea of what goes on "behind
the scenes" at Artsdiary.

17 June 2013



making a small change to the menu bar - "EXHIBITION" will become
"WHAT'S ON" - to be phased in over the next few days.

28 June 2013

added an "Apple Touch Icon" to our website, so you can more easily access Artsdiary from the home screen of
your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod.
Click for details.

29 August 2013


improved the look and functionality of menu and navigation buttons, particularly
for smart device users.

09 September 2013

Artsdiary had a very busy 2013, covering over 500 exhibitions including the Auckland Art Fair. We now have over 1300 exhibitions in our archive.

In 2013, an amazing 1.6 million pages were viewed, and compared to 2012 our monthly unique visitor numbers were up by
42%, with total visits up by 61%.

As we start another year, we would like to thank our supporters - without your financial and moral support and encouragement, there would be no Artsdiary !

15 January 2014

Updates to our "Been There" pages can now be followed
Instagram. Click on the icon to connect.

25 January 2014


Confused ? There has been some uncertainty about the period of support for Artsdiary. It is for one year from the start date - for example if your support
begins on 10 September, it will
be renewable on 09 September the following year.

07 February 2014

You may notice some changes. Due to the heavy work load involved, and our limited resources, we can no longer maintain Artsdiary at its current level of coverage. We've therefore decided to limit the number of galleries we visit.
This decision, including which galleries we will continue to feature, was based
on a variety of logistical factors. We're sure you'll still enjoy the rich variety of
visual arts featured on Artsdiary - there'll just be a little less of it.

16 February 2014

"Supporters Page" adjustment. Without supporters, there would be no Artsdiary, full stop. To make it easier for "individual supporters" to keep track of their contributions, the support period is now included on our "supporters" page.
For you, this means no more sleepless nights spent wondering if your support
has lapsed. For us, it means less time spent on "paper work" and more time on exhibitions.

While on the subject of support - we made another approach to CNZ in March,
but they are still unconvinced of our contribution to the arts community.
Their "off the record" view in late 2012 was that they couldn't support Artsdiary because we are "Auckland only, and not intellectual enough". The official explanation is that Artsdiary doesn't fit any of their funding criteria.

03 April 2014

Change to "WHAT'S ON" exhibition listings. Due to the amount of time spent on maintenance, it is no longer viable for us to offer FREE listings.

You can still list your exhibition or event with us, but there will now be a modest
charge for this service.


08 May 2014

In July Artsdiary featured its 1500th exhibition.

We have an extensive and easily accessible archive from the shows we’ve covered over the last 3½ years. This archive can be searched from our menu bar by
date, artist, or gallery

Alternatively, a quick and easy way to search our archive is to Google the
search term, followed by Artsdiary
, for example “Richard Killeen Artsdiary”
(without the quote marks). This search
will also find artists who are part of
a group show, and not listed individually on our "by ARTIST" pages.

14 August 2014

Changes to Artsdiary design.

Experts are predicting that in 2015, over 50% of web content will be consumed
via smartphones. With this in mind, we have started to make small changes to
the Artsdiary layout, to provide a better user experience on smartphones.

28 December 2014

Changes to our "SUPPORTERS" page.

We now provide individual artist supporters with a 200x200px thumbnail of their work, along with their name and a link. To see how it looks, click on the “SUPPORTERS” menu item above.

To find out how it works look for PLAN E on our "HOW TO SUPPORT" page.

08 January 2015 TM

Changes to our exhibition coverage layout.

We have made a major change to how we feature exhibitions on Artsdiary.
Starting with the Richard McWhannell opening on 14/04/2015, the photos
for each exhibition opening will be shown on a single page, allowing you to
scroll and view without having to click/touch screen for each photograph.

20 April 2015

We've made changes to our menu structure, for compliance with Google mobile search engine requirements.

01 May 2015

Changes to our WHAT'S ON and MENU pages.

On the WHAT'S ON page, once an exhibition has started, we now list it alphabetically by gallery name.

On the HOME/MENU page, we now feature thumbnails and links to the three
latest shows featured on our BEEN THERE page.

15 May 2015

Further changes to our WHAT'S ON page.

EXHIBITIONS STARTING TODAY or SOON are now presented on a seperate page.

17 Jun 2015

Some milestones for Artsdiary:

In November we featured our 2000th exhibition, and quietly celebrated our 5th year on the visual arts scene. We would like to thank our supporters, and galleries and artists who grant us unfettered access to their spaces and works. Our project would otherwise be impossible. We would also like to thank the many people who send us messages of appreciation and encouragement regarding our coverage. It's all very much appreciated.

We also reached 2000 "Likes" and 800+ "Friends" on our 2 Artsdiary Facebook pages, and achieved this without any invitations or inducements. So, a special thanks to our Facebook followers for helping us spread the word (and images !) about visual arts in Auckland. To show how effective FB can be, our photo of the Minister for Arts wearing "the new NZ flag" brooch at a TSB Bank Wallace Art Centre opening, posted on FB, reached 75,000 people with 15,000 engagements !

Looking forward to another year full of interesting art and people.

12 DEC 2015

being presented on the same page.

16 DEC 2016

For the last few weeks, we've been refining the changes we will be making to
Artsdiary coverage, beginning September 2017. Our aim is to broaden
coverage to include more artists, while at the same time reducing our workload.

Our basic BEEN THERE coverage will be free, but for galleries and artists who
would like fuller coverage in our classic style, custom-made options are available.

ALSO SEEN is integrated into BEEN THERE coverage.

Details on our HOW TO FEATURE ON ARTSDIARY page.

JULY 2017

As changes to the way we cover shows are almost complete, we've reinstated the list of our supporting galleries.

01 FEB 2018