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10/04/2013, Natalie Tozer - "Punch + Black" at Waiheke Community Art Gallery.

Following on from her cinema entry in Auckland’s Art in the Dark Festival 2012 and Waiheke Island’s Headland Sculpture on the Gulf 2013 (pavilion installation), Natalie Tozer is pleased to present a new body of work currently on show at the Waiheke Community Art Gallery. This show includes video and sculpture pieces as well as a series of painted works on paper.

Tozer is occupied with abstract visual communication. In a world dominated with well defined absolutes there is an increasing subconscious need for us to retreat to the cathartic influence of the abstract, and she is interested to see abstract experiences become increasingly available in public spaces.

Working with repetitive removal processes; glazing, washing and staining, Tozer’s process celebrates what is left behind; the shadows, stains and half forms.  She is interested in how we tend to validate the terms of our here and now on sight, and her work queries this. She is interested in what is not obvious, what we do not immediately see, between the gaps and fractures, the omissions and lost content. 

The works do not feed the viewer with information but seek rather to engage and invite the viewer to participate in new perspectives. Importantly, they do not seek to be located in the world, but are simply a sign post or portal to the fluid and private dream space only the viewer can access.

Graduating from Elam Fine Arts School in 2002, her distinct style has seen her recognized as a finalist in the Northland Telecom regional art awards in 1995, receive an Elam studio grant in 2001 and as a Walker and Hall finalist in 2009 and 2011. As a process driven artist Natalie continues to further her practice from her Kingsland studio.