"Ripe Fruit Photo Book Two: Tony Watkins"


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Ripe Fruit Vol. 2, is the second book in a series of eight, celebrating an
array of New Zealand artists. The subject of volume two is Tony Watkins
architect, educator, environmentalist and all-round maverick…

Take an unorthodox architect, his unique self-built home, a stunning
Auckland coastal location, add a keen photographer, and you have
Unconventional Architecture: Simon Devitt and Tony Watkins
, the
second publication in the series of Ripe Fruit books.

Produced by Simon Devitt, the publication is a celebration of Tony Watkins
as an architect, educator, environmentalist and all-round maverick.

Devitt is also an educator, lecturing in architectural photography at the
School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland.

This photobook features Watkins, who Devitt has captured in his
constantly evolving, one of a kind, Karaka Bay house that was built
over time, as money allowed.

“I want to tell stories about unique people who are at the peak of their
powers,” says Devitt. Choosing people that he has met during his career
as a photographer, Devitt celebrates his subjects, capturing them in a
moment in time.

Ripe Fruit Vol. 2 – Unconventional Architecture: Simon Devitt and
Tony Watkins
was officially launched on Wednesday 21 November 2018
at the Auckland Art Gallery along with a one-night-only exhibition of
Simon’s photographs featured in Ripe Fruit Vol. 2.

Simon Devitt

Simon Devitt

November 2018

27.5cm x 21.5cm

Saddle stitched in single section, spine finished
with cloth tape.


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Grey stock with black gloss foil

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Satin stock printed in black and silver ink

About the Ripe Fruit Series:

We couldn’t, and most of us wouldn’t say we are at the pinnacle of our lives.

Simon has chosen people for you to meet that he has encountered along
the way during his career as a photographer. Many of them artists across
varying disciplines.

A resulting characteristic of the Ripe Fruit series of books is that we get
to meet someone in a particular and unique way, through a series of
photographs of them in their home or studio. Simon captured them at a
moment in time. Hence in a way, the viewer gets to meet this person.

Another resulting characteristic is that the person featured in ‘Ripe Fruit’ is
celebrated. Celebrated while they are alive: “I really value and respect our
wise elders. I didn’t have my Grandparents around long enough at an age
I could really appreciate them. It has always felt important to me to value
and make time for encounters with the very wise.”

Along the way, he introduces various people in each of the Ripe Fruit books.
Some well known, others not so well known. Most living, some not. One will
be anonymous. The first Ripe Fruit volume comprises eight books with Artist
Mary McIntyre as the very first subject.

The Wallace Arts Trust is honoured to support Simon’s project.


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