ARTWORK PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE - revised 21 March 2019.

Artsdiary has a specialised digital photography service for artists,
galleries and collectors, who would like their 2-D and 3-D artworks
professionally documented.

We offer:

35 years experience in lighting and photographing large and small
still life for top-end advertising agencies.

A large, purpose-built, fully equipped studio with free, easy parking,
and good access.

Ability to handle single 2-D item up to 3mx2m - enquire for larger

Specialised flat-field lenses for distortion-free capture of 2-D

Colour corrected Hi-Res files for print production, and Lo-Res
for web use.

A basic photography fee of $50 +gst per 2-D artwork, with a
minimum charge of $150 +gst per session applies. That is:

1 work $150 +gst,

2 works $75 +gst each

3 or more works $50 +gst each.

Works under glass, with gold/silver leaf, and/or in deep frames,
and 3-D works may incur additional costs. For several works,
photographed at one session, we may be able to offer a better
rate - please ask for a quote.

Works made up of multiple panels are priced per panel if
photographed seperately, i.e. a triptych would be considered as 3 works. We can post-process them into one file at no additional cost.

In order to achieve high quality, accurate reproductions, we
recommend artworks are photographed in our studio.

If necessary large works can be collected - vehicle hireage
charges apply.

Contact details for discussing your project and for a quote: or 021 259 0594



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